Mid Grade 33 Strategy



We believe most people who have achieved a significant level of wealth desire to earn income, relax and retire with a comfortable portfolio of liquid assets. We continue to define a "comfortable portfolio" as one which achieves the highest reasonable current income while being insulated, by broad diversity to the highest possible degree, from all imaginable economic shocks. We continue our basic recommendation that to achieve these goals and preserve estate wealth our clients should strongly consider allocating most of their liquid assets to a managed portfolio of fixed income instruments selected in the broadest possible way from all security types and worldwide markets.



  • Take advantage of global investment opportunities
  • Achieve strong long-term investment performance using the Direct Securities ModelTM
  • Current target yield: 7.50%*
  • Minimize interest rate risk, credit risk, and political risk through fundamental analysis and wide diversification of industries, political subdivisions, and individual credits



  • Portfolio to be broad with reasonable percentages in many different categories
  • J W Korth daily securities selections by its entire staff to be the "bottom" up source of investments
  • Take time to fully create portfolios while managing existing positions
  • Monitor portfolio continuously along with the J W Korth other managed accounts.



  • Identifying investments through broad team-based bottom-up approach; J W Korth team searches the worldwide markets daily for the best opportunities
  • Casting a wide net across a variety of asset categories and classes, with a largely sector agnostic view, allows for broad diversification and solid yield
  • Selling investments that have substantial profits on principal
  • Minimizing losses by selling bonds with potential for principal decline
  • Replacing sold investments with securities with appreciation potential
  • Offering bonds for sale at an "asked" price and buying bonds at the "bid" price whenever possible


Download the Mid Grade 33 Global Managed Bond Account Overview

For more information and a copy of our fact sheet, please call your representative or call 800 553-5512.


*We are currently buying instruments for our managed accounts with this Target Minimum Yield to Maturity. The actual performance of each investment may differ from its purchase yield. Our Minimum YTM Target is changed periodically due to market conditions.